New Patient Registration

All new patients who wish to register with the practice will need to complete a Family Doctor Services Registration form (GMS1W) and a new patient questionnaire.

We also require proof of identity either in the form of a passport, driving licence or utility bill. You will also need to supply us with your NHS number in order for us to register you. All patients are required to complete both the GMS1W and new patient questionnaire prior to arranging an appointment with our Health Care Assistant. These forms are available for collection at the reception desk or downloadable from the links opposite.

If you are taking repeat medication you must ensure that you bring your repeat medication list from your previous doctor to this appointment. This is a brief health screening to provide us with relevant medical information as it may take some time to receive your medical records from you previous doctor.

Please make every effort to ensure that your name, address and telephone/mobile numbers are kept correct.

As a Practice we are committed to providing a safe, comfortable environment for our patients.  If you would like a chaperone during your consultation, please ask the doctor.  A Practice Nurse or Health Care Assistant will usually act as your chaperone, but on rare occasions a Receptionist may be asked to chaperone.

Preference of Practitioner.

All patients have the right to express a preference to receive services from a particular practitioner.  We will endeavour to comply with any reasonable preference expressed.

Temporary Residents.

You are able to see a doctor anywhere in the UK, if you are away from home and in need of medical help.  You can do this by simply asking to see the nearest doctor, as a temporary resident.  We will be happy to see any relatives or friends staying with you, if they need a doctor.  If you are attending the Surgery for repeat medication that you have run out of or forgotten to bring with you, please note that selected Community Pharmacies in the area can provide you with an Emergency Supply.  

Non-NHS Work.

The doctors are able to provide the following services: insurance, employment, driving and other medicals, private certificates, insurance claims etc.

These can be arranged by the receptionists. However, as the NHS does NOT cover this work, there is a fee charged which is recommended by the BMA (the receptionist will advise you of the cost). The company concerned pays for life insurance medicals.