Macmillan Cancer Support

If you have any of the signs or symptoms that are referred to in the attachments below, get advice from your doctor, nurse or GP practice. You are not wasting anyone’s time. They are there to help.  St Peter’s Surgery can be contacted on 01267 236241.

Tips For Talking to your Doctor, Nurse or GP Practise

Think about what you want to say

What is concerning you?
When did this start?
Is it getting worse or better?
How is it affecting your everyday life?

Be persistent in booking a medical appointment

Sometimes it is difficult to book an appointment and you may need to call more than once. But do please keep trying, you can ask for a longer appointment if you feel it is needed.


Take someone in with you for emotional support. You could ask them to listen or to take notes on your behalf.

The Next Step

Make sure that you know what will happen next. This might include:
When you should make another appointment
Where and when to expect an appointment with a specialist doctor for a test
Who to contact if you need more information or support

Talk and Listen

Answer any questions as honestly as possible
Explain the symptoms in your own words
Ask if you need more information or if you do not understand something
Write notes or make notes on your mobile phone


Repeat back what you understand. This lets them explain to you anything you are confused about.

Remember symptoms are often nothing to worry about

If unexplained symptoms come back or do not get better, get advice again. Call your GP practice and ask for advice about anything you are not sure about.