Ymweliadau â'ch Cartref

Ymweliadau â'ch Cartref

Requests for non-emergency home visits should be made before 11.00 a.m. on the day the visit is required. If the request is made later in the day it should be for urgent illness only and will be passed to the on-call doctor.

Please remember that house calls are very time consuming and the doctor can see at least four patients in the surgery within the time taken by one house call. Please be ready to give the receptionist some indication of the nature of your problem so that the doctor can assess the urgency of your request.

Ceisiwch ddod i'r feddygfa pryd bynnag y bo modd, gan fod y cyfleusterau yma yn llawer gwell ar gyfer cael archwiliad a thriniaeth.

Os bydd arnoch angen ymweliad cartref, ffoniwch y feddygfa before 11.00am.

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